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Dimensional Contracting is an A+ rated attic insulation, radiant barrier and roofing contractor company serving Arlington, Fort Worth and surrounding communities. 

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Arlington Insulation Installer

Having properly installed attic insulation means your heating and cooling system works less to keep your home comfortable. And that means you use less electricity and have lower utility bills year round.

Technically, radiant barrier is not an insulation product. However... combined with proper levels of blown-in insulation, a radiant barrier will dramatically improve the efficiency of your home. And that means maximum comfort and maximum savings for you every month, all year long. If you're considering upgrading your attic insulation, we highly recommend adding radiant barrier.

We Are Insulation Experts

Attic temperature can climb to over 140 degrees in hot Texas summers, resulting in your air conditioning system working much harder to keep your home comfortable. Professional attic insulation installation is a must-have energy saving upgrade and Dimensional Contracting is an award winning insulation installer. Call us for a fast, free, no-obligation quote and you'll get more comfort along with greater energy savings and customer service like the good ol' days.

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Attic Insulation Will Lower Your Heating and Cooling Energy Bills

Your attic is a huge source of air leakage, but a properly insulated attic can lower your energy bills by 15-50%. When you’re ready to upgrade your attic insulation and start saving money on your energy bills, contact us for a quick and courteous price quote. We'll take care of everything for you.

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