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Extreme Cold Highlights Importance of Good Insulation

The first snow of the year for Dallas residents happened on December 9th, just a few days ago. Many residents had to turn on their heat for the first time this year, and many of them found out they have poor insulation installed in their homes. This week, temperatures have jumped into the high 70’s further demonstrating typically chaotic Texas weather. If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes.

Dallas First Snow and Insulation Contractors

The great thing about having good insulation installed properly in your home is that it works no matter if you are trying to keep the heat in or out. The recent cold weather freeze had many Dallas residents realizing that they could stand to invest a bit more into keeping their home comfortably temperature controlled. During periods of mild weather, it can be easy to forget how important that is, at least until the power bill comes. Good insulation pays for itself over time, and that alone makes it well worth the investment. You’re increasing your comfort and your home’s value, while simultaneously saving on utility costs.

All Weather Insulation for Texas Conditions

Some Texas residents have really inadequate heating and insulation systems, hoping for mild winter weather, and suffering through the season when we have cold snaps like last week. If you are one of those Texans, please reach out to us for a free consultation. You may not realize just how affordable it can be to have good insulation installed in your home. We don’t pressure you to buy, we just give you the facts and a competitive price. We can advise you on the proper R-Value for insulation in your home, we won’t try to sell you more than you need. We can identify areas where you may be losing heat or where heat may be coming in and ruining the cool AC you have running in the summer.

Correctly Installed Insulation Extends HVAC Life

You probably noticed your HVAC unit running fiercely during the freeze last week, and it may have run virtually non-stop. Unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system can lead to some incredibly expensive problems and really will shorten the lifespan of your system. Better insulation with the proper R-Value means all that warm air stays where you want it, inside or out. Your heating and cooling unit is going to run a lot less, which means less wear and tear and a longer life. Have you ever had to replace an HVAC unit? They run in the thousands of dollars plus expensive installation fees. It is far more affordable to upgrade your insulation which will upgrade the lifespan of your entire heating and cooling system. Its really an easy choice when it comes to savings, and is arguably one of the most important aspects of your home.

Attic Insulation Installation is Key

Everybody knows heat rises. Well guess where it goes when your attic isn’t properly insulated? Straight out of your house. When cold weather comes and your HVAC is running its mechanical heart out churning that heated air into your home, its blowing right out of your attic like smoke from a chimney. The opposite is true in the summer heat and all that heat comes in from the attic and mixes with your cool air. Some people even have their duct work in the attic without insulation. That means the air traveling through those ducts is going to heat up or cool down in a hurry and the air coming out of your vents in the house below is going to be the wrong temperature. A properly insulated attic and duct work can make all the difference in savings and comfort in your home below.

One of the most important things you can do for your attic, especially in Dallas Fort Worth, is to have a radiant barrier installation properly done by an experienced contractor. Radiant barrier when properly installed can provide a 25% reduction in heat gain from your roof during the hot summer and doubles as an insulating layer.

Life Expectancy of Insulation

You may be thinking your insulation is already in place and you have nothing to worry about. That may be true, but have you had a professional you can trust come out and assess your home? Older homes will have outdated insulation and may not provide the same R-Value of protection that modern insulation materials will have. Additionally, insulation that is improperly installed or old can have moisture damage or it could have fallen away over time or been damaged by pests. Modern insulations will provide a much better R-Value per area and are designed to have a much longer lifespan provided they are properly maintained by staying dry and positioned in the right places. Durability and effectiveness of materials balanced with affordability should be discussed with an insulation professional.

Why work so hard to come home to a house that is too hot, or in the case of last week, too cold? You work hard, pay your bills, and you should be able to rest in comfort. Your family should be able to rest in comfort. Your house should be your sanctuary for you and your family. Call us for a free, no pressure, no obligation, insulation consultation. You know what you have to gain, but what do you have to lose? Call us free today at 817-966-9605.

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